Ash Kalra has spent most of his life in public service advocating for the well being of our community. Now, he is ready to take his fight for change to the California State Assembly. No other candidate has more expertise or experience on solving the problems that matter most to the residents of San Jose. Click on the topic areas below to learn more about Ash's record and vision for our future.


Ash has first-hand experience with the education system. While in Washington, DC, he taught for two-years in inner-city high schools, including a class on jurisprudence called “Street Law.” When Ash returned to San Jose to serve the community as a Deputy Public Defender, he subsequently started teaching at Lincoln Law School of San Jose, where he is still a member of the faculty. Ash has also been an instructor at San Jose State University. It is the experience of going through all levels of our public school system combined with a variety of teaching experiences that have helped to form Ash’s passion for education and desire to improve our local schools.

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Ash served on the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Board of Directors for over six years, including serving as Chair in 2014. He simultaneously served on the Caltrain Board of Directors and is recognized as a leader in regional transit public policy. Ash is currently the Chair of the Transportation and Environment Committee for the City of San Jose. Ash helped both VTA and Caltrain weather the rocky storms of the Great Recession, preparing them to take advantage of the expansion period of today’s economy. 

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Ash understands the importance of having a safe place every family can call home. He has earned a reputation of being a regional leader on issues surrounding housing affordability. Ash has not only advocated for swift response to the homeless crisis, but he has also supported the development of higher density housing in appropriate neighborhoods with the understanding that we need more homes built, both affordable and market rate, in order to keep up with the demand for housing in our valley. 

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Ash Kalra is a passionate advocate for environmental protection. He has been recognized as a leader on issues surrounding the environment for years. In 2015, Ash was named “Legislator of the year” by the Santa Clara County League of Conservation Voters and has been officially endorsed by the California League of Conservation Voters as well.

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